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Are You Willing To Die to Yourself To Go To Heaven?

The way I see it, there are two ways you need to die before you can spend eternity in Heaven with our abundantly merciful Lord. #1: Die To Yourself #2: Physically Die First, let’s talk about dying to yourself (after all, without step #1, step #2 will send you somewhere...


Homemaking Tips and Ideas (a Personal Covenant)

Last night while making some delicious chicken quesadillas for dinner, I realized that the final two bananas on the counter were overripe. At first, I was tempted to throw them out. The skin was all brown and yucky and I just didn’t want to look at them next to the...

diy gravel path

How To Build an Easy Gravel Path in Your Backyard for Under $500

Spring is here!  Caleb and I are doing some really cool landscaping updates to our backyard. We’re knocking it out in phases and our new gravel backyard path was part of Phase 1!  Phase 1: Build compost pile Plan and create an easy backyard pathway using gravel and flagstones Build...

43 things give up for lent

43 Things Pregnant Ladies Can Give Up / Take On for Lent

As I sit here giving my kitten a well-earned belly rub, it occurs to me that I haven’t decided what my Lenten penance shall be. Considering I’m 17 weeks pregnant and gluten-intolerant, I feel that I have already given up quite a lot of foodstuffs. I genuinely don’t know if...