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The waitlist for Cultivate: Virtues to Love Your Vocation is now open! (as of 8/12/23)

What’s Cultivate all about? So glad you asked! Here’s a quick rundown:

  • Self-paced video course (one lesson every 3 days or so)
  • 12 short videos to teach you about the heavenly virtues and an actionable step to cultivate that virtue in your life and marriage
  • A 40-page downloadable workbook
  • Exclusive lifetime access to the Cultivate
    Facebook community
  • Marian Meditations on each of the seven heavenly virtues

Once you complete Cultivate you’ll have a clear understanding of what your role as a Catholic wife is AND actionable steps to LOVE doing it (yes, you’ll even learn how to love doing the laundry).

You’ll be the FIRST to join the course when it releases on August 24th!

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