Day 3: August 29, 2023

Diapers Changed: 4

I had to check by counting my knuckles how many days there were in August. (It’s 31.)

Regardless of the number of days left, I am shocked that September is almost here. Because after September follows October. And that is the month Caleb, Abigail, Elizabeth, and I will travel permanently back to Texas.

To begin our life outside the military.

This change surges incredible emotion in my heart. The past five years have been filled with loss: the pandemic, the loss of three of my dearly beloved grandparents, and the grief of transitioning from friends and family galore in college to isolation and struggles across the country.

But they’ve also been the most formative of my life. I cringe looking back at how immature I was going into college. I’m amazed at how much Caleb and I have grown in commitment and charitable love in our marriage. I’ve learned how to persevere during those “bad times” in marriage I promised to weather. We have welcomed two beautiful, joyful baby girls with eternal souls into the world (and in doing so, undertaken our most important task on earth: guiding them to Our Lord).

So while everybody else is thinking about the return of pumpkin spice lattes and sweater weather (or perhaps pondering important changes coming up in their lives), I’ll be over here reflecting upon why God sent us on this military journey, the lovely friends he has brought into our lives, the family we have lost and gained in new friendships, and the gratitude I owe to God for transforming my heart from wife into mother.



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