Day 10: September 5, 2023

Diapers Changed: 5

One showing today, so we power cleaned in the morning then headed straight to Lowe’s for camper renovation materials. Caleb and I really want our big ‘ole desk (remember, the one that caused me to be attacked by viscous ants?) to be a home for our desktop.

The only problem is, I *hate* the way a desktop and speakers look. Totally kills my antique vibe, man.


Caleb is building me a custom desk topper! It’s lovely and big and we are even adding some dremeled details to it to make it fit our aesthetic. If Caleb weren’t already bogged down with the Marine Corps thing and becoming a full-time musician, I would encourage him to take up carpentry!

I’m looking forward to placing a plant upon this desk topper. I vow not to kill this one as I’ve killed many, many succulents, herbs, and palms before it. More plant updates to come.



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