Day 9: September 4, 2023

During naptime today, I finished writing my first eBook on a topic that gets a bad rap around the internet and in real life. The eBook is called: “Submission 4 Dummies” and it is the amalgamation of everything I’ve studied on the topic for the past year and a half trying to understand just what the heck God through the Bible and the Catholic Church wants from me in my marriage!

If “submission” in the context of marriage is a word that gets you grumpy, I’ll give you the TL;DR from my eBook:

“Husbands must die to themselves as Christ sacrificed himself for the Church. Surprise surprise, this is very hard for all of them because they are humans with their own selfish desires. It’s easier for husbands to make decisions without consulting their wives, but those decisions are more likely to be selfish and choices that have not been compared with other possibilities that did not occur to him that might’ve occurred to his wife (more on this in Chapter VII)!

Wives must humbly submit to their husband’s final decision unless it is contrary to Christian piety. This is very hard for them to do because they are ALSO humans with their own selfish desires. It is easier for wives to make decisions on their own or fight their husbands when they disagree, but that will sow anger and resentment in a marriage and push many husbands to ignore their valuable suggestions. Creating a cycle of despair, disrespect, and distrust.”

Healthy submission is about trusting and respecting one another. The husband MUST listen and the wife MUST trust and not resent her husband. When a husband selflessly takes his wife’s counsel into genuine consideration, his wife can relax knowing that she has been heard. There’s no tyranny here, just a whole lot less bickering and festering resentment. As God intended.

I wrote this eBook for 5-years-ago Grace who didn’t know a darn thing about what marriage would actually look like. Spoiler alert: the real world is different than college!

I pray that it blesses those who find it and that any errors I have made God will send me somebody to correct them!

I’ll link the eBook here when it’s uploaded.


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