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Catholic Marriage Refresh Toolkit

Rekindle the spark! Use this collection of marriage resources, including date night ideas, Catholic conversation starters, liturgical year traditions planner, and love note prompts to bring back the joy in your marriage.

Detailed Examination of Conscience

Don’t let doubts and scrupulosity hold you back from the transformative grace of the Sacrament of Penance. Grab this free examination of conscience that walks you through pre-Sacramental prayers, the 10 Commandments, the 7 deadly sins, and more!

Catholic Rule of Life Template

A rule of life is your roadmap to overcoming your personal spiritual struggles. Creating a daily regimen ordered toward your personal rule will change your life forever.

Catholic Homemaking Quiz

Quick and fun quiz to find out which homemaker type you are!

For Mamas: Your Informed Birth Plan

God made women to bring babies into the world. Here’s a single-page template to share important information and your ideal birth plan with your providers!

For Mamas: 13 Things to do As Soon As You Learn You’re Pregnant!

From your first bundle of joy to adding a 10th to your bucket of kids, there’s always pregnancy *things* of which it is important to be reminded!