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Traditional Catholic Woman

Unfortunately, this phrase has been hijacked by many on both sides of the Catholic spectrum to mean “backwards” or “out of touch.”

I am using the phrase traditional Catholic woman as it actually is meant: a woman who strives to obey the will of God, thrive in her vocation, and pursue sainthood.

Sure, I *also* have strong opinions about the reverence of the Mass, Catholic music, and modest dress, but I’m not uncharitable about it (at least I hope not!)

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“Ponder the fact that God has made you a gardener, to root out vice and to plant virtue.” -St. Catherine of Sienna


“Come and have breakfast.” -Jesus Christ

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“Be neat, Philothea; let nothing be negligent about you . . . avoid all affectation, vanity, curiosity, or levity in your dress.” -Saint Francis de Sales