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Created for young Catholic wives, Graceful Catholic is where I share my (ongoing) journey from an anxiety-ridden housewife to a joyful homemaker.

It’s lovely to meet you! My name’s Grace Elaine Brown. I’m a mama of one and wife to a country-singin’ Marine. I am also a Presbyterian–>Anglican–>Catholic convert and enjoy my fair share of musicals, whiskey, writing, and sitting on the porch and listening to the rain.

If you’re a wife learning how the heck to take care of your home (and husband), a semi-crunchy mama, a lover of vintage style and advice from the past, please feel free to look around! I’d love to help you cultivate a holy home.

holy homemaking


Married Life

Married at 20 and our first baby at 22 . . . we've learned a lot in our three years of marriage.

vintage books on a desk

Time-Honored Wisdom

Our grandparents' generation and the saints weren't perfect all the time, but they did have a better grasp on reality than most of us here in the 21st century.

Motherhood & Babies

Sharing everything that's worked for Abigail (and everything that hasn't!)

Resources for Catholic Wives

Resources for Catholic Wives


What does a

holy home look like?

The people, decor, the meals, and the heart of the home herself . . .


Are You Willing To Die to Yourself To Go To Heaven?

The way I see it, there are two ways you need to die before you can spend eternity in Heaven with our abundantly merciful Lord. #1: Die To Yourself #2: Physically Die First, let’s talk about dying to yourself (after all, without step #1, step #2 will send you...

Homemaking Tips and Ideas (a Personal Covenant)

Last night while making some delicious chicken quesadillas for dinner, I realized that the final two bananas on the counter were overripe. At first, I was tempted to throw them out. The skin was all brown and yucky and I just didn't want to look at them next to the...

Graceful Catholic helps young Catholic wives overcome loneliness and secular pressures to cultivate a holy home. We strive to help ladies confidently embrace their role as Proverbs 31 homemakers.