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Created for young Catholic wives, Graceful Catholic is where I share my (ongoing) journey from an anxiety-ridden housewife to a joyful homemaker.

It’s lovely to meet you! My name’s Grace Elaine Brown. I’m a mama of one and wife to a country-singin’ Marine. I am also a Presbyterian–>Anglican–>Catholic convert and enjoy my fair share of musicals, whiskey, writing, and sitting on the porch and listening to the rain.

If you’re a wife learning how the heck to take care of your home (and husband), a semi-crunchy mama, a lover of vintage style and advice from the past, please feel free to look around! I’d love to help you cultivate a holy home.

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Married Life

Married at 20 and our first baby at 22 . . . we've learned a lot in our three years of marriage.

vintage books on a desk

Time-Honored Wisdom

Our grandparents' generation and the saints weren't perfect all the time, but they did have a better grasp on reality than most of us here in the 21st century.

Motherhood & Babies

Sharing everything that's worked for Abigail (and everything that hasn't!)

Resources for Catholic Wives

Resources for Catholic Wives


What does a

holy home look like?

The people, decor, the meals, and the heart of the home herself . . .


Showings and Showings and a Bit of Camper Reno

Day 10: September 5, 2023 Diapers Changed: 5 One showing today, so we power cleaned in the morning then headed straight to Lowe's for camper renovation materials. Caleb and I really want our big ‘ole desk (remember, the one that caused me to be attacked by viscous...

What’s Weighing Me Down.

Is two months postpartum too soon to be super bummed about my weight? The day after giving birth, I felt 20 pounds lighter (and probably was!) In the first couple weeks postpartum, I shrunk from 200 pounds all the way down to 160 (whoop). But now two months later, the...

Reflections on Motherhood & Looking Forward

Day 3: August 29, 2023 Diapers Changed: 4 I had to check by counting my knuckles how many days there were in August. (It’s 31.) Regardless of the number of days left, I am shocked that September is almost here. Because after September follows October. And that is the...

Graceful Catholic helps young Catholic wives overcome loneliness and secular pressures to cultivate a holy home. We strive to help ladies confidently embrace their role as Proverbs 31 homemakers.