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Created with young Christian women in mind, Graceful Catholic is where I share my (ongoing) journey from an anxiety-ridden housewife to a joyful homemaker.

It’s lovely to meet you! My name’s Grace Elaine Brown. I’m a mama of one and wife to a country-singin’ Marine. I am also a Presbyterian–>Anglican–>Catholic convert and enjoy my fair share of musicals, whiskey, writing, and sitting on the porch and listening to the rain.

If you’re a wife learning how the heck to take care of your home (and husband), a semi-crunchy mama, a lover of vintage style and advice from the past, please feel free to look around! I’d love to help you cultivate a holy home.

Grace Elaine Brown


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married couple with baby

Married Life

Married at 20 and our first baby at 22 . . . we've learned a lot in our three years of marriage.

vintage books on a desk

Time-Honored Wisdom

Our grandparents' generation and the saints weren't perfect all the time, but they did have a better grasp on reality than most of us here in the 21st century.

christian mother holding baby

Motherhood & Babies

Sharing everything that's worked for Abigail (and everything that hasn't!)

Resources for Christian Mothers

Resources for Christian Mothers


What does a

holy home look like?

The people, decor, the meals, and the heart of the home herself . . .


How to get $4000 Toward Your Education for Military Spouses

I’m taking a brief break from all of my usual blog posts (married life, mama stuff, the Catholic faith etc) to write a post for all of you military spouses out there. There’s this amazing program called MyCAA (My Career Advancement Account) that gives...

Are You Willing To Die to Yourself To Go To Heaven?

The way I see it, there are two ways you need to die before you can spend eternity in Heaven with our abundantly merciful Lord. #1: Die To Yourself #2: Physically Die First, let’s talk about dying to yourself (after all, without step #1, step #2 will send you...

Homemaking Tips and Ideas (a Personal Covenant)

Last night while making some delicious chicken quesadillas for dinner, I realized that the final two bananas on the counter were overripe. At first, I was tempted to throw them out. The skin was all brown and yucky and I just didn’t want to look at them next to...