Last night while making some delicious chicken quesadillas for dinner, I realized that the final two bananas on the counter were overripe. At first, I was tempted to throw them out. The skin was all brown and yucky and I just didn’t want to look at them next to the sizzling chicken I was busy cooking.

But then I remembered the one thing that overripe bananas are really really good for: banana bread.

A decision had to be made. Would I utilize these overripe fruits for good? Or just throw them in the composter with the other food scraps from dinner?

This dilemma sparked a conversion of heart. No really. It did!

Of course I should spend the 10 minutes it takes to mix up banana bread. Why wouldn’t I? It’s delicious, it’s a gluten free dessert that actually works, and I wouldn’t have to waste those bananas. So many wins.

In fact, I decided, for my long-term happiness and peace of heart, I must always decide to bake the banana bread. The pros drastically outweigh the cons (if any). It’s really a matter of principle. If I make the excuse of being too overwhelmed (not to be confused with actually being too overwhelmed) to spend 10 minutes doing something easy for myself or others, how will I ever be able to serve others when the going gets tough?

So, I’ve made a homemaker’s covenant with myself. When there are overripe bananas sitting on my counter, I will always bake them into scrumptious gluten-free bread.

It’s the little things, friend. Like replacing the toilet paper on the roll instead of leaving it sitting on the bathroom floor. Sweeping the kitchen after a particularly messy meal. Emptying the dishwasher so the next person can just fill it. The longer I wait, the less I want to do it.

This homemaking covenant to myself isn’t confined to banana bread making. It’s the conscious decision to do those little 5-10 minutes activities whenever I think of them instead of putting them off until some undisclosed time I like to call ‘later.’

A Homemaker’s Covenant (and Guide to Happiness)

Now that I’ve made this decision, I figured I’d go ahead and document those little things that I’m starting to do instead of putting off:

  1. If there are overripe bananas on the counter, make the dang banana bread.
  2. When a bathroom is in need of toilet paper, get some and put it on the roll.
  3. Crumbs fall on the floor in the kitchen. If I step on them, I’ll take the time to sweep them up.
  4. When I realize the dishes are done, I’ll empty the dishwasher so the next person can simply refill it.
  5. When I use the last of something, I’ll write it down on a grocery list immediately.
  6. If I bring a glass or snack into the car, it must come back out after my trip (I’m super bad about putting this one off!)
  7. Set a timer when I’m doing laundry so it doesn’t sit in the washer / dryer for five days.
  8. Don’t just dump clean laundry out on the couch and let it sit!
  9. When I touch something dusty, take the 3 minutes to grab the duster and reeeeeally clean it up.
  10. Clear the table after dinner (not the next morning).
  11. Wash out cat bowls as soon as they’re a little grimy.
  12. Place shoes only on the shoe rack in laundry room or closet!
  13. Designate a day and time to put out and take down seasonal decorations. Make it a family affair!
  14. Use extra food ingredients / snacks well before they go bad.

More homemaking covenant ideas to come!

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