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The BEST Examination of Conscience Every Catholic Should Be Using

I’ve suffered from scrupulosity for as long as I’ve known about the Sacrament of Penance and mortal sin. I’m not going to lie to you. There have been a couple times I’ve remembered an unconfessed sin riiiight before Father granted me absolution and snuck that sin in really fast.  But...


Catholics Should Absolutely be Bowing At The Name Of Jesus!

One big difference protestants notice at the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass is all the bowing and kneeling. For some reason or another, prostrating oneself to the Lord has stopped by many Christians. Or it’s been replaced by swaying and raising hands to God in more charasmatic circles. (No comment...


What Is Genuflecting And Why Do More Catholics Need to Genuflect?

The mystery of the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass is a beautiful thing that transcends our human understanding. Acknowledging you are in a sanctuary where the heavens and the earth spiritually join on the daily is some powerful stuff.  God is not indifferent, He chooses to be physically present with...